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About Us

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Fidelity Manufacturing to provide our customers with the best in products, service, and value … and to do so with the highest level of integrity.

Best Quality, Craftsmanship & Service

The employees of Fidelity take pride in providing our customers with the best in Quality, Craftsmanship and Service. Whether your project needs are big or small we look forward to an opportunity to deliver the right solution.

Fidelity Manufacturing

The Fidelity Sales Team is an experienced group of professionals who have combined over 30 years experience in different areas of the sales and manufacturing processes of packaging of generators.

In 2014 Brad Dinkins purchased the assets and hired the best talent from a local company that was going out of business. He formed a new company and named it Fidelity Manufacturing. The name has significant meaning for the owner because it speaks of faithfulness, trustworthiness, dependability and integrity. Brad is a strong believer in commitment and has shown that through his continued investment in Fidelity. In 2015 Fidelity moved in to a newly renovated manufacturing plant that had just received an almost one million dollar upgrade. Along with the new plant, equipment and tools were also updated.

With a committed owner, strong financial backing and a talented staff, Fidelity Manufacturing continues to grow and gain market share. Due to a standard 3 year warranty on our products, Fidelity is quickly becoming known for its quality construction. We provide accurate quotes, timely submittal drawings, quality construction, full scope packaging services and guaranteed ship dates. Our knowledgeable Sales and Engineering staff along with our experienced Production team allow us to provide superior customer service  Our focus on offering innovative forward thinking solutions and our depth of talent are making Fidelity the “easy” choice for our customers. That is the reoccurring theme we hear from our growing customer base is that “Fidelity makes life easy” for them.

Our goal is to be the best team in the industry, with quick and accurate quotes, technical information and solutions to assist you in making your every project a success.


Owner’s Statement of Purpose

The goal is to operate and build our company according to Godly principles and values, trusting in the Lord to direct our steps, to supply our needs, and to grow our company as He wills. Our company is a tool in His Hands and our purpose is to honor Him in all that we say and do.

Our Leadership Team

Brad Dinkins


Mitchell Twardosky

General Manager
Ext. 117

Nathaniel Kitchens

Sales Manager
Ext. 102

Bryan Dunbar

Business Development
(352) 502-5629

Stephen Self

Operations Manager

Curt Missall

Engineering Supervisor
Ext. 134

Charitable Support

Fidelity Manufacturing supports Helping Hands which is a nonprofit ministry that primarily serves homeless and abused women and children … helping them find purpose, meaning and success in life. They provide housing, food assistance, clothes, medical and dental, transportation, jobs, education grants and compassionate counseling. Helping Hands is based in Ocala, Florida. Some of our top employees have come through Helping Hands.