Generator Site Services

Onsite Services
for Generators & Equipment

Fidelity Manufacturing is equipped with a complete Field Service Department of qualified experts to assist customers spanning the U.S. and Canada with services to meet the unique needs at each jobsite.

We provide meticulous attention to detail, from the pre-job site survey, to onsite supervisory services, to full mechanical reassembly of a generator package. Always striving to go above and beyond your expectations, our team provides support and assistance for a streamlined and successful project completion.

Field Services Spanning the U.S. and Canada

Our premier onsite services are provided through Fidelity’s expanded, traveling team of engineers and equipment experts.  Through versatility, knowledge, and competitive prices – Fidelity Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for exceptional products, packaging, and services.

Mechanical Services

  • Jobsite package assembly/re-assembly
  • Factory package retrofit
  • Sound attenuation level modification
  • Air intake and exhaust hoods/scoop
  • Original equipment repair/restoration
  • Specification matching or modifying
  • Fuel polishing systems
  • Fuel tank pressure testing
  • Field corrosion and paint repair
  • Upgrades and customizations

Electrical Services

  • Jobsite package electrical installation/re-assembly
  • Factory package retrofit
  • Generator load circuit breakers
  • Enclosure lighting (internal/external)
  • Electrical load centers
  • Cord reels
  • Battery chargers
  • Multi-voltage switches
  • Transformer installation/replacement

Retrofit / Replacement

  • Evaluation and planning
  • Replacement tanks
  • Compliance updating
  • Replacement enclosures
  • Exhaust systems
  • Generator relocation
  • Product refreshing
  • Painted surfaces
  • Sealing/caulking
  • Gauge replacement
  • Electrical/mechanical upgrades

Quick & Reliable Service

Contact Fidelity Manufacturing for quick and reliable service that’s tailored for your project.