UL2085 & UL142 Fuel Tanks


  •  NEW DESIGN with lightweight concrete. Fire resistant, projectile tested, impact rated
  •  Our UL-2085 tanks are designed to meet your specific requirements.
  •  We offer a variety of accessories from annunciators, special code requirements, pumps and controls.
  •  Constructed with 1/4 “ steel plate to insure long life and durability.
  •  Our tanks are designed using a unique lightweight concrete inner barrier.
  •  Special generator mounting feature to provide a better finished package.
  •  Standard with additional ports for polishing or other accessories.
  •  Built in-house with a standard 5 year warranty.
  •  Our UL-2085 tanks are manufactured with Fidelity Quality second to none.


Double-Wall Design Generator Fuel Tanks

Fidelity Manufacturing delivers standard and custom UL142 sealed secondary containment sub-base tanks for all equipment manufacturers. Tanks are fabricated in a high-quality, controlled environment and are designed to provide you with the best possible solution for your equipment and power generation needs. For your convenience, we structurally offer both side-rail and direct-tank lid mounting options.

Trusted Source for Secondary Containment Tanks

This exceptional style provides a completely sealed secondary tank with pressure control via a secondary venting system. The secondary containment is optimized to capture any liquid escaping from the primary tank due to a breach of integrity. Both the inner and outer tanks are pressure tested prior to installation. Tanks can be shipped under pressure or vacuum if required.  We look forward to providing knowledgeable advice on the right solution for you.

Contact our experts to learn how we exceed the competition in providing products and fuel tank accessory packages that meet UL safety requirements and industry regulations.

High-Quality Fuel Storage Solutions

We provide fuel tanks built according to UL standards and global safety specifications using only UL sized and rated emergency vents and containment systems. Standard design provides a slight slope to one end for water drainage, while keeping the side rails flat for engine and enclosure mounting. The direct lid mounting (structural) option doesn’t incorporate the sloped lid.

Standard Features & Specs

  • Carbon or stainless steel
  • Gauge/thickness: 7ga and 10ga minimum
  • Interstitial/rupture basin drain
  • Leak detection/float switch
  • Low-level sensor/fuel switch
  • 2” lockable fill-cap
  • ½” MPT fuel pick-up and return connections
  • Rochester® 8600 Series spiral gauge (direct-read)
  • Clay & Bailey® aluminum emergency vents
  • 2” atmospheric vent
  • Black polyurethane semi-gloss finish

Additional Options & Add-Ons

  • FDEP compliant packages
  • Stub-up designs
  • Overspill containers
  • Fill port size/location
  • Overfill protection valves
  • Fuel polishing systems
  • Fuel filtration systems
  • Immersion fuel heaters
  • Supply and return pumps
  • Remote fill stations
  • Remote annunciation panels
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Day tank, transfer pump, and control systems
  • Extended emergency and atmospheric vents

Customizations and Site-Specific Features

We manufacture and customize tanks in a range of sizes and capacities to meet any site needs or project requirements across the U.S. and Canada. Fuel supply and return tubes/fittings are tailored and located to match the engine type, size, and location. Electrical stub-ups are placed to match specifications including tank end stub-up with removable plate, through-hole design, and side stub-up with removable plate.

We proudly use PPG Industrial Coatings on our products. Standard color is black polyurethane semi-gloss finish; however, special colors are available.  Contact us to discuss how we can surpass your expectations with high-quality fuel tank options.

500-gallon UL142 double-wall sealed secondary containment tank.